Air Handing Units and Ventilation Fans

For over 20 years, we have been supplying, installing and providing quality support for a wide range of air handling units and ventillation fans in Nigeria, in association with top global brands Airtenics and Rosenberg.


Rosenberg Air Handling Units and Ventilation Fans

We distribute F40 series, airbox S60, airbox T60, airbox S60, and airbox T60 Rosenberg air handling units. We are deal in the following fans from Rosenberg: centrifugal fans, free-running impellers, axial fans, roof fans, tube fans, duct fans, kitchen exhaust fans, fans made of plastic, box fans, and explosion-proof fans.

Airtenics Fans and Ventilation Units

We represent and distributes all Airtenic ventilation boxes and low noise ventilation boxes in Nigeria and West Africa. Additionaly, we also supply, install and support Airtenices axial fans, radial fans, centrifugal fans, in line fans, exhaust fans units, and cross-flow fans.

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