Water Treatment, Filtration and Purification Solution

Our Water processing systems (including filtration (media and micron filtration); softening; disinfection or sanitization (e.g. by sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) injection; Ultra Violet Light Sterilization); Ozone Water Systems; iron (ferrous) removal; precipitation; reduction of specific inorganic/organic materials; ion exchange, ultrafiltration and/or reverse osmosis; electro-deionization and distillation) ensure reliable production of water of appropriate quality for swimming pools, cooling, drinking, food processing, purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPF) or water for injectable (WFI).

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About Our Industrial and Domestic Water Solutions

Water is the most widely used substance, raw material or starting material in the production, processing, formulation of food, beverages and pharmaceutical products . It is a universal solvent and able to dissolve, absorb, adsorb or suspend many different compounds. These include contaminants that may represent hazards in themselves or that may be able to react with intended product substances, resulting in hazards to health. The condition of the source water (natural or stored) dictates the treatment required to render it fit for the intended product water specification for swimming pools, cooling, drinking, purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPF) or water for injectable (WFI).

Media Filters generally consist of different sized special filling materials in pressure vessels according to water quality to be filtered or treated. They serve for removal of suspended solids, turbidity or other impurities like iron manganese, chlorine, undesirable color, taste and smell from water, for softening, deionization etc. Micron filters comprise housing and Cartridges/ bags of different micron ratings for sensitive filtration according to desired degree, quantity and special applications. Reverse Osmosis also known as Hyper-filtration systems apply for the removal of ions from water where other technologies prove insufficient. EDI is a continuous electro-chemical process of water purification where ion specific membranes, mixed bed resin and a DC voltage across them, replace the standard acid-caustic chemical regeneration process Our Purification and sanitization systems (Ozone/ Chlorination/ UV Irradiation units) are well suitable for Cold food storage, vegetable seed treatment, etc.

Water Filter Housings

A variety of water purification filters are Ideal, for the point of use and point of entry, perfect for water treatment in technical and industrial applications.

  • Cold water filters
  • Hot water filters
  • High-pressure water filters
  • Special application: Water filters made in polypropylene for the filtration and treatment of water and aqueous solutions with a non-neutral pH, with different models and configurations.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis is the membrane filtration process for obtaining pure water, which separates all unwanted minerals from water, applied to waters where conventional treatment systems are insufficient (seawater, water with high conductivity, well waters, etc.). This process continues until osmotic equilibrium is achieved. Reverse osmosis is the reversal of this osmotic flow. Aqualine reverse Osmosis Systems successfully ensures that pure water is obtained as a result of this process. In addition, Aqualine Reverse Osmosis Systems can be produced in different design styles according to customer requests.



  • Membrane Vessels FRP
  • TFC Spiral wound membranes 8 “diameter
  • AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel vertical centrifugal high pressure pump
  • ST-37 Epoxy painted carbon steel or AISI304 Stainless Steel Skid
  • 5 Micron precision cartridge filter
  • Low pressure line U-PVC PN16
  • High pressure line AISI304 Stainless steel
  • Inlet electric actuated butterfly valve
  • Pressure regulating globe valves at pump outlet and wastewater line
  • Low and high pressure switch
  • Product water and waste water flow meters
  • Glycerine manometers
  • Product water conductivity indicator (0-2000µS / cm)
  • Product water pH meter (optional)
  • Autoflush, automatic rinsing and chemical washing system
  • On-Off switch
  • PLC and operator panel
  • 380 V / 50Hz / 3ph
  • IP56 control panel

Recommended Inflow Water Limits

  • Inlet water TDS: 0 – 2,000 ppm
  • Working pressure: between 10 and 15 bar
  • Inlet water pressure: 2 to 5 bar
  • If hardness is more than 3 French ASC dosage required.
  • pH range: 6 – 8
  • Silica (SiO2) Tolerance: 25 ppm max. @ 60% efficiency
  • Max. Inlet water temperature = 30º C Max.
  • Max Iron (Fe) tolerance: 0.05 ppm, if ASC is dosed 0.2 ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide should not be.
  • There should be no turbidity (NTU<1)
  • SDI < 5
  • Microbiological contamination should be removed

Aqualine Ultra Filtration Systems

Ozed Nigeria distribute and install Aqualine ultrafiltration Units for filtration process. UF uses membranes with a pore size of 0.01 micron and this acts as a barrier for bacteria, virus and other micro organisms without using chemicals. Any particle greater than 0.01 microns will be removed and turbidity can be reduced to below 0.1 NTU. UF modules are perfect for filtration of surface water, pre-treatment of sea water before RO desalination, treatment of recycled waste water and can replace the conventional and biological treatment of water for feed to RO systems.

Moreover UF systems are used successfully for sea water treatment, food sector and beverage process, natural drinking water factories, removing bacteria and disinfection of water indirectly and lots of special projects. It constitutes a key part of systems of special design for waste water recycling and process of recycling of water origin MBR.

Water Filter Cartridges

Water filter cartridges comprise of Water treatment cartridges and Sediment filter cartridges. While water treatment cartridges are for home water treatment and industrial use to improve water quality, Sediment filter cartridges are mainly for sediment removal.

  • Water treatment cartridges: Granular activated carbon, activated carbon block, polyphosphate, resins, calcite, double material, and empty containers
  • Sediment filter cartridges: Filtration in depth and surface filtration

Anti-Scale Protection

Anti scale protection category is made up of anti-scale systems and water softener systems that are for the improvement of heating systems efficiency/effective protection from limescale and Industrial water treatment and domestic applications respectively.

  • Anti-scale systems: proportional, non-proportional, and magnetic
  • Water softener system: Jupiter and Adriatic 5

Antimicrobial Systems Sanic

Antimicrobial system sanic filters made with bacteriostatic properties, the only one that prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Comprises of Water filter housings sanic, water filter cartridges and under-sink reverse osmosis units, all with antimicrobial protection.

  • Water filter housings
  • Water filter cartridges
  • Under sink RO sanic

Self Cleaning Fiters

Self-cleaning water filters equipped with back-wash in counter-current capable of guaranteeing maximum removal of sediments from the surface of the cartridge. Complete with manual or automatic drain, rich with variants of accessories.

  • Single stage filters: Single-stage self-cleaning filters for effective removal of sediments
  • Multi-stage filters: Self-cleaning multi-stage filters for the filtration and treatment of water over multiple stages.
  • Rainwater filters: Self-cleaning multi-stage filters for recycling rainwater.

Drinking Water Units

Clean and promote tasty water, reducing contaminant agents, bad odours and agents that are dangerous to health. They comprise of counter top and under sink water filters, tap water filtration systems, under sink reverse osmosis units and accessories!

  • Counter top: Over-the-sink home water filters without professional installers
  • Under sink:  Help improve space management 
  • Components

Water Treatment Equipments

Equipment manufactured with the best technology available for water treatment. Premium quality water treatment systems for technological and industrial use;
equipment for the production of potable water with an extended life cycle.

  • Media filters: Media filters for civil and industrial use.
  • Products for water treatment: A wide range of chemical products for the maintenance of heating and cooling systems.
  • UV water sterilizer: UV water sterilizer for small, medium and large capacity.
  • Ro water plant: Reverse osmosis systems, standard or customised, based on your specific request up. Models applicable to sea water. Single and double stage desalination equipment, designed to be used in different sectors.

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