Maintenance Service Contracts

At Ozed Ventures Limited, the level of service and customer care we provide is of primary importance, and that’s reason we continually invest in our highly skilled engineering team to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest training from our many global partners. Alongside the service support team we offer a wide range of consumables and can advise on, and supply critical spare parts inventories to best suit your company’s requirements.

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Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Based on your business needs and the equipment to be covered we can offer an AMC that is tailor-made for you.

Why an AMC?

Ensures regular servicing of equipment leading to less line downtime

Enjoy a discount on all non-consumable spare parts

Discounted onsite training

Priority service

Close working partnership

Breakdown coverage

Free software upgrades

Peak equipment performance

Operational compliance with specified standards

Documented proof of steady process performance


The importance of customer training for both Ozed and the customer can be quantified.

Improved line efficiency

More effective telephone support

Reduced maintenance and consumable costs

Creation of trust in the equipment and our business values

Customer training can be conducted at the customer’s site or in our training center.

Spare Parts and Consumables

If a machine breaks down during production it is critical for the machine to be brought back online as soon as possible to minimize production loss. To reduce downtime, best practice is for customers to stock basic spare parts which can be utilized by their technical team without having to wait for a delivery.

An integral part of our business is the supply of genuine spare parts and consumables for all of our customers’ equipment (Coding and marking, AHU, ventilation, Air curtains, treatment, filtration, purification, packaging equipment, etc.). We fully understand that our customers need spare parts and consumables delivered on time if production is not to suffer, and our commitment to meet that need means that we take necessary action in good time to ensure prompt delivery and we carry a sizeable range of spare parts, kits and consumables in our warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria.

Equipment we Support

Ozed Ventures Limited has highly skilled after-sales service team who are trained and qualified to provide support and service for all the technologies and solutions we offer.


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