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Large character printers based on CIJ technology is the ideal printing solution for high-resolution printing of texts, logos, barcodes or datamatrix in high heights. If you need high-resolution inkjet printing solution that is 30 to 80% cheaper than paper labels with lower carbon footprint, Ozed Ventures Limited is your best bet.

TTO Printers
Large character CIJ Printer in action

Tiflex Large Characters Inkjet Printers

We partner with world renown large character printer manufacturer Tiflex-Hitachi to deliver the best quality high-resolution printing solution with great ease of integration, fast and automatic maintenance and a global and customizable software solution. With 5 years warranty for this printers, you are sure to get the very best value for your money. 

HRP R4 printer

HRP O’Touch

HRP R3 printer

HRP R32 printer

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