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We are a firm of Scientists and Engineers providing specialised professional and management services to domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial clients especially those in the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and healthcare sectors. 

Industrial Printing and Marking Solution

The printing capabilities of our various printer technologies including Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Thermal Transfer Over-printers (TTO), Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ), Laser, and Large Character Printers (LCP) can maximize your operation’s uptime and coding accuracy. We will guide you to printing technology that is best adequate for your every operational need.

Air Handling Units And Ventilation Fans

Our air handling units and ventilation fans deliver clean air at the right tempered room climate both, in the high-tech area and for classic building technology. Weather-proof and explosion-proof designs are possible, as well as TÜV certified hygiene variants.

Industrial Air Curtains and Purifiers

Our high-quality; efficient air curtains and indoor purifiers are the ideal solutions to maintain a comfortable, clean climate in commercial outlets; public places; Pharmaceuticals; Food and Beverages Manufacturing industries, hospitality centers; etc.

Process, Packaging and End of Line Systems

Our variety of Process, packaging and end-of-line solutions offer a wide and differentiated portfolio of products for attractive, innovative and sustainable packaging.

Water Treatment and Filtration Solution

At Ozed Ventures Limited we offer Water processing, storage and distribution systems that ensure reliable production of water of appropriate quality that is within acceptable microbial, chemical or physical contamination level according to your expectation

Over 24 Years of Delivering Unparalleled Satisfaction to Industries in Nigeria

To meet their bespoke need for Industrial packaging/products marking & printing identification, flexible & specialized rigid primary packaging, industrial indoor air/ambience protection, and industrial water conditioning/treatment solutions.

Sales & Distribution

We possess a wealth of experience in the sales and distribution of a wide range of air curtains, air purifiers and disinfection units, industrial CIJ printers, flexible packaging and laminate tubes, industrial thermal inkjet printers, air handling units/ventilation fans, water treatment, disinfection and filtration equipment, and more.

Professional Installations

At Ozed Ventures Limited, we know that proper professional installation can extend the life-cycle of equipment and solutions. Therefore we mandatorily follow our installation blueprint born out of over 20 years of installation service to ensure that your product is installed professionally with attention to all technical factors.

All Year Technical Support

Unlike other brands, our organisation is designed to be extremely efficient and is run as a customer-service-oriented enterprise. There is very little bureaucracy and we make every effort to react quickly to customers’ demands and enquiries. The result is that most customers find it a pleasure doing business with us

Main Solutions

Ozed has grown to become a major innovative technology and service-oriented supplier of a wide variety of machines, equipment and spares, with a solid reputation for fast delivery, efficient service and competitive pricing.

Air Curtains and Purifiers

Our air curtains are a protection from the cold and heat, repel gusts of wind and minimize dust, fumes, pollution and insects entering the building. Our air disinfection purifiers show excellent results in the removal of harmful substances such as bacteria, germs and viruses, harmful gases, mold, and respiratory allergens that cause a contaminated environment.

Air Handling Units and Ventilation Fans

In large and commercial kitchens for example our fans, will replace the dirty and greasy exhaust air with fresh air. Our kitchen exhaust unit or the Unibox-ME are integrated into pipe systems and are adapted to requirements in kitchens as well our roof fans with IEC standard motors are ideally suited for central extraction system on the roof, besides, the hygienic and maintenance-friendly casing and the motor air flow, very hot media can also be exhausted using our fans.

Water Treatment and Filtration

Our Water processing systems (including filtration (media and micron filtration); softening; disinfection or sanitization (e.g. by sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) injection; Ultra Violet Light Sterilization); Ozone Water Systems; iron (ferrous) removal; precipitation; reduction of specific inorganic/organic materials; ion exchange, ultrafiltration and/or reverse…

Industrial Printing and Marking

Ozed Ventures Limited provide versatile workhorse machines for low, medium, and high-speed reliable batch numbering/lot, sell by/ best before date and other traceability marks and codes on a wide range of substrates including plastics, glass, paper, flexible packaging, metal and more in small and large character prints.

Packaging & End of Line System

As one of the final stages in your production line, Packing makes the most impact on your customers. Not only does it ensure the end product arrives at their door in pristine condition. Packing also creates a brand image, a positive experience for the end-user and helps to elevate your business ahead of the competition

why choose us

It’s our operating Principles and Guidelines that set us apart

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide the best solutions to meet your needs. Our inspiration and operational guidance come from a unique blend of proven expertise and decades of practical experience in what we do.

Our Vision

To be the credible industry technical support service company of choice and the preferred partner to global brand owners.

Our Mission
  • We are committed to providing innovative technical and managerial solutions for the needs of our clients.
  • Our success is measured by superior customer rating, market leadership in our chosen niches and sustenance of an environment of trust and personal growth for our employees
  • We will accomplish these through the dedication of us all to continuous improvement in all that we do.
Our Competencies
  • Proactive Customer Needs Identification
  • Creative and Cost-effective Solutions
  • Professionalism (driven by cutting-edge knowledge base).
Our Values
  • We are a winning team
  • We are customer driven
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvements in all that we do
  • We have a sense of urgency
  • We will always act responsibly

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