Airtenics Ventilation Unites and Fans

We deal in a variety of high-quality Airtenics ventilation units and fans. Ventilation boxes and fans with various innovative capabilities to meet your need for better ventilation units and fans.  We have a track record and solid reputation for fast delivery, efficient service and competitive pricing.


Ventilation Units Collection

A complete range of ventilation units low noise emission, equipped with centrifugal fans and with an external rotor motor, designed to satisfy the most demanding up-to-date installations. Very silent, solid, versatile and easy to mount. Ventilation box with low noise emission thanks to 5 cm sound insulation. Its circular connections make it easy to adapt to standard duct installations, making it ideal for renovating ventilation systems.

The continuous recirculation of indoor air through the three filtration stages guarantees the purification of the air by eliminating particles and pollutants such as: dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses and fine particles PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. Upon request, it can incorporate an activated carbon filter to eliminate gases and odours.


Some of Our Ventilation Fans Features

  • High-efficiency air filtration and purification unit with three filtration stages
  • H14 absolute filter with 99.995% efficiency
  • Ventilation unit with 50 mm thick of sound insulation
  • Connection box IP54 incorporated
  • External rotor motor protected through thermal contact 0-100% variable speed
  • Sealed with polyurethane for 100% air filtration
  • Backward blade fan with high efficiency and very low consumption external rotor EC motor, electronically adjustable 0-100% via 0-10V.
  • Mural regulator with ON / OFF switch, potentiometer for gradual stepless regulation of the air flow 0-100% and visual indicator for dirty filter alarm by differential pressure switch.
  • Prepared for installation in ducts inside the false ceiling.
  • With backward curved impeller
  • With double inlet forward curved impeller
  • With EC motor of low consume
  • Fans with double inlet forward curved impeller


Ozed Ventures Limited distributes a wide range of industrial fans for a variety of applications. Quality fans from Airtenics that are fully equipped with direct-driven external rotor motors. Airtenics offers you fans with key advantages when compared to conventional fans:

  • Extremely long service life
  • Compact design
  • Motor and impeller assembled in one unit
  • The speed is 100% controllable (autotransformers controller)
  • Low start-up current
  • Fans equipped with motor protection through thermal contacts as a standard feature
  • Impellers are balanced on 2 levels.

Available Fan Types

Axial Fans

Wide range of axial fans suitable for hot and cold air conditioning applications. Suitable for industrial use, some models are suitable for extreme conditions for two hours of airflow up to 400º.

A large part of the axial fan range is available with energy-efficient EC motors. Its main advantage is the ability to make a large air lift at relatively low pressure.

  • Axial fans collection:
  • Electronic compact fans
  • Axial fans cold tecnique
  • Flat-profiled axial fans
  • Adjustable blade axial fans
  • Adjustable blade axial fans for 400ºC/2h
Radial Fans

Centrifugal radial backward bladed fans with high power and performance and low noise level. Models available in EC motor, for mosaic installation and with special executions for railway applications, wind energy and more

Radial fans collections:

  • Plug-Fan compact modules RMAC-RMEC
  • Centrifugal fan RRE
  • Centrifugal fan RRE EC
  • Centrifugal fan EKH / DKH
  • Centrifugal fan GKH
Centrifugal Fans

Very wide range of Airtècnics centrifugal fans, for all applications. Models with disinfectant action, double or single suction, for applications that require a small flow.

Fans with EC motor, adjustable, with different pressures (medium, high, low, low, very high), anticorrosive and to work at very high temperatures, among others.

By contacting  Ozed team of professional engineers, you will be able to choose the most suitable model for your application.

Centrifugal Fans Categories:

  • Low flow centrifugal fans
  • Low-pressure centrifugal fans
  • Self-regulating centrifugal fans
  • High-performance centrifugal fans
  • Belt-driven medium pressure centrifugal fans
  • High-temperature centrifugal fans
  • Very high-pressure fans
  • Industrial fans
  • Medium pressure centrifugal fans
  • Corrosion-protected centrifugal fans
In Line Fans


  • In line fans circular duct (tube fans)
  • Flat in line fans rectangular duct (channel fans)
  • In line fans rectangular duct (channel fans)
  • In line fans for high temperatures (tube fans)
Exhaust Fans Units


  • Roof fans
  • Kitchen exhaust
  • Roof fans for 400ºC/2h
  • Exhaust boxes for 400º/2h
  • Roof fans corrosion protected
Cross-Flow Fans


  • Cross-flow fan FCLS
  • Cross-flow fan FCL
  • Cross-flow fan FCL / FCS

Airtenics Fans Gallery

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