Before we talk about air curtain prices in Nigeria, we need to briefly define what air curtains are, and their various types. But if you are already familiar with all that and you need the current prices of air curtains in Nigeria right away, contact our rep now to get a full price list sent to you by mail or via WhatsApp immediately.

What is an Air Curtain

Air curtain that is also referred to as an air door is a device that has the capacity to prevent air or contaminants from escaping from one area to another in a building. Air curtain design is typically a fan mounted above the entrance to an industrial, commercial or residential building and pointing downward. It may also be an opening between two spaces kept at different temperatures within a building.

Simply put, air curtains function as an air barrier of a continuous broad stream of air that circulates across a doorway of a conditioned space. With the right application, this reduces the penetration of insects and unconditioned air into a conditioned space through a forced air stream over the entire entrance of the building. Meaning your building door may be wide open, but air is not able to flow in from outside the building.

What Are Air Curtains Used For?

  • As can be deduced from the above, air curtains are used to provide protection against the external environment, and thus help improve working conditions and energy savings.
  • They create a seamless barrier of air over doors, windows, or openings. Modern air curtains also save energy and inhibit the entry of dust, dirt, and flying insects into the building.
  • Air curtains have a variety of uses in situations where doors are required to stay open for business or other operational purposes, including but not limited to industrial, commercial, loading docks, and vehicle entrances.
  • They function as air purifiers and at the same time be used to keep all manner of flying insects out through forceful turbulence or to keep out outside air from entering the building to maintain a sanitary environment.

Types Of Air Curtains

While air curtains may be broadly categorized into two basic varieties based on uses, namely non-recirculating and recirculating. There is a range of air curtains to fit different building structures with innovative features. Below are different ranges of air curtains for a variety of applications.

Standard Air Curtains

Standard air curtains ensure an efficient climate separation in most commercial and industrial entrances. They are versatile air curtain models with an attractive designs and a very high degree of customization.

Recessed Air Curtains

Range of innovative air curtains for recessed or invisible installation in false ceilings, lateral columns or bulkhead above the door, and applicable to a variety of building entrances.

Bespoke Air Curtains

Also known as decorative, bespoke and customized air curtains, the bespoke air curtains range combines to perfection the highest technology with more exclusive beauty. Bespoke air curtains are the perfect solution to meet the increasing market demands, where air curtains are not just a functional element in buildings but they have also to blend with the internal or external aesthetics and be an active part of the decoration or atmosphere of the place.

Disinfection and Air Purification Air Curtains

The range of air curtains with disinfection and purification features not only perform the normal functions of air curtains, they go further to act also as air purifiers and disinfectant agents.

The combination of the air curtains with the air and surfaces disinfection and purification system allows for performing a triple function: energy saving, inactivation of viruses and bacteria and improvement of air quality in the building.

Insect control Air Curtains

Insect control air curtains include a variety of high-performance insect control air curtains designed to minimize the passage of flies or other flying insects to food establishments and industries, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

Industrial and Cold Store Air Curtains

These are mainly industrial air curtains for very large doors such as entrances to warehouses, hangars, logistic centers, factories, loading dock doors, or commercial centers, and air curtains manufactured for all kinds of cold rooms and freezer rooms to achieve high efficiency.

Revolving Door Air Curtains

These are air curtains of variable length that are completely tailor-made for each entrance specification with revolving doors.

Economic Low-Cost Air Curtains

Economic low-cost air curtains are air curtain recommended for openings up to 1.8 m in height and those up to 2,8 m high.

Air Curtain Price in Nigeria

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