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Shrink Bags for Cheese

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, Amcor shrink bags protect your respiring and non-respiring cheeses throughout distribution while still letting the quality show through at retail. Our wide variety of options guarantees the best fit for your product needs.



Dairy & Ice Cream

  • Cheese

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Shrink Bags for Cheese Product Details

Customer Benefits

  • Clear-Tite shrink bags protect your cheese throughout distribution with a multi-layer, abrasion-resistant structure. For respiring cheeses, a medium barrier option is available to allow CO2 to escape.
  • Pro-Tite shrink bags offer all the benefits of Clear-Tite® bags with increased puncture resistance for the most demanding production and distribution.
  • Perflex barrier shrink bags are designed for packaging large cheese blocks where low oxygen levels, high shrink and high clarity are required. This special formulation provides maximum shelf-life and protects the non-retail blocks from mold and weight loss.
  • Eco-Tite shrink bags for cheese are up to 29% thinner than conventional bags and do not contain chlorine, offering a more sustainable shrink bag option.

End Consumer Benefits

  • Superior product freshness
  • Enhanced print quality for shelf appeal
  • High gloss and clarity to see the quality of the product inside


  • Pre-made shrink bags in a wide range of sizes and shapes for a tight, attractive fit
  • Designed to reliably conform to your product
  • Seal through contamination, folds and wrinkles to reduce rework
  • Exceptional oxygen and moisture barrier to retain the maximum product shelf life
  • High-end  flexo graphics
  • High shrink and excellent clarity to showcase cheese quality
  • Select pigmented shrink bags available
  • Can be dispensed from the carton either on tape or loose

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