Rosenberg Air Handling Units (AHUs)

We deal in a variety of premium quality Air handling units (AHU) in association with the world-renowned German company- Rosenberg. We have a track record and solid reputation for fast delivery, efficient service and competitive pricing. For over 20 years, we have been supplying, installing and providing quality support for a wide range of air handling units in Nigeria.

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Distribution of Air Handline Units

It doesn’t matter the kind of building or your unique demands on the air handling system, Ozed Ventures Limited is poised to deliver the highest-performance Air Handling Units. Rosenberg’s units are guaranteed to comply with industry standards providing advanced technology in their versatility and meeting your need.

Ozed’s reputation of reliability is well-known with over 20 years of innovative technology and service-oriented supplier of superior AHUs in Nigeria.

Overview of AHUs Series We Supply

The air units consist of a framework structure with double-skinned panels that have acoustic and thermal insulating properties. The individual modules for the filter, fan, heater, cooler, heat recovery, acoustic insulation as well as the frame materials, are assembled flexibly according to the customers‘ requirements. The F40 series is produced in a frameless design. The panels are screwed together from the outside so that the devices are smooth internal surfaces and are hence hygienically safe.

The air handling units Airbox S60 and T60 are equipped with a framework construction made from aluminium or galvanised, rolled steel profiles and aluminium cast corner connectors or plastic corner connectors. The double-skinned panels of Airbox S60 and T60 air handling units are filled with non-combustible, sound and heat insulating rock wool insulation. In addition to galvanised steel panels and the framework construction, it is also possible to select coated steel, aluminium and stainless steel versions in our range. For modules with smaller dimensions, the base frame is manufactured in various heights (100, 300, 500 mm) using galvanised, folded steel sheet. Larger modules have a welded base frame (primed or galvanised).

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