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Pet Pouches and Bags

We distribute Amcor’s wide variety of material technologies to satisfy your product needs, from pet treats and food to essentials such as litter. Our comprehensive list can meet the needs of your broad portfolio and our dedicated team will apply their knowledge of correct format and appearance to help customize them to your specification.

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Pet Pouches and Bags Details

Customer Benefits

  • Tough, multi-layer materials to protect against punctures
  • Burst resistant
  • Able to survive a 3-foot drop
  • Protect against chemical delamination and hard-to-hold contents
  • Protect brand graphics through all conditions
  • Breathable, sift-free venting solutions eliminate air and aid in filling, palletization and load stability

End Consumer Benefits

  • Ultra-durable bags are designed for heavy loads and eliminate bag breaks
  • Control odors
  • Moisture protection
  • Shelf life consistency
  • Optional reclose, handles and pour features add consumer convenience


  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including standup pouch, side gusset, flat bottom pouch, quad seal and side seal
  • Ultra-durable pre-made pouch, v-fold and rollstock options
  • Optional reclose and pour features
  • Optional handles or pegholes
  • Vents and perforated patterns to control air and moisture
  • Custom sizes available
  • Ultimate protection for hard-to-hold products
  • Apply Amcor AmPlify® finishing technologies, such as matte or tactile, to improve shelf appearance further differentiate your products

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