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Home and Personal Care Overwraps

Ozed Nigeria distributes recycle-ready film solutions for great see-through and high print quality packaging for paper towels for home and personal care in West Africa. Quality with extended durability to meet your specific need.

Application > Homecare > Personal Care

  • Cleaning & Laundry
  • Household Wipes/Paper
  • Family Care
  • Tissues/Paper


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Overwrap Details

Customer Benefits

  • Easy to Run – Ability to use the film up to the core e.g. no waste and strong mechanical resistance of the film
  • Brand Positioning – Up to 8 colors in HD for best brand messaging

End Consumer Benefits

  • Convenience – Ability to pack as many as 32 reels together (for large economy packs)
  • More Sustainable – Recycle-ready film and PCR content available
  • Product Appeal – Excellent transparency of the film


Available in recyclable AmPrima® PE structure Clear or printed options available Up to 8 colours on the artwork with HD Flexo technology Films thicknesses to allow for up to 32 reels of toilet paper wrapped together


  • PE

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