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AmLite HeatFlex Recycle-Ready

We distribute AmLite HeatFlex Recycle-Ready in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa. HeatFlex Recycle-Ready is the world’s first, and unique retort recyclable packaging developed after years of R&D. It possesses excellent barrier properties​ for high performance under retort and heat treatment to provide long shelf life.​ Its innovative transparent barrier permits customizable opaque or transparent options for better product appeal and is used for a variety of retortable applications.

Application > Pet Care > Food > Beverages


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HeatFlex Recycle-Ready Details

Customer Benefits

Recyclable* : Developed following CEFLEX recyclability guidelines More Sustainable – Up to 60% reduced carbon footprint** Excellent barrier properties: Unmatched shelf life after heat treatment or retort*** Easy to Run: structure is optimised to achieve excellent machine speed, Amcor on-site support will ensure seamless implementation with no downtime Excellent print quality: to achieve great brand positioning and optimal appearance on the shelf Transparent or opaque : Transparent body/window and gussets or opaque versions are available Ecommerce ready**** *In existing PP recycling streams: **Comparison based on foil laminate PET 12 / adhesive/ Alu 8 / adhesive / PP 60 ***When compared to other AluFree retort solutions, confirmed 9-month shelf life for wet PetFood (might differ based on receipt, customer-specific tests recommended) and 12 months confirmed for Rice **** Only available for pre-made pouch

End Consumer Benefits

Sustainable: recyclable solution with carbon footprint reduction Product safety and freshness Unmatched barrier properties to deliver product freshness and full aroma preservation​Microwavable – microwave product directly in the pack


Retortable Recyclable and more sustainable Aluminium-free Opaque or transparent Ecommerce ready Delivered as pre-made pouches, reels or liddings


  • OPP
  • PP

Free of material

  • Aluminium-free, Metal-free

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