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AmSky Blister System

AmSky is a breakthrough vinyl and aluminium-free thermoform blister system innovation. It is a more sustainable and carbon footprint-optimized alternative for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type. Based on PE it is designed for recycling in rigid and flexible recycling streams.


Application > Healthcare


  • Pulmonary
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Oral

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AmSky Blister System Details

Customer Benefits

Vinyl-free: Elimination of PVC from the blister pack Recycle-Ready: Reduced carbon footprint and recycle-ready in flexible and rigid PE/PO stream Similar machine output: Runs on existing lines with similar performance Fast-track transition: Variety of support tools available to accelerate material transition Simplification of supply chain: One specification covering a range of required moisture barriers Security of supply: Global manufacturing footprint

End Consumer Benefits

Easy opening for adults​ but difficult for children – Opening behaviour identical to actual formats aligned with actual consumer habits​ – Using a more sustainable alternative


Amcor offers its patented child-resistant / senior-friendly solutions for all blisters Printable using UV Flexo Multiple Gauges to offer a tailored moisture barrier


  • PE

Free of material

  • Vinyl-Free

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