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Aluminum for Capsules

Powerflex panel-less container, which mimics glass, is popular for beverages providing overall hydration benefits and added functionality. Commonly used in Sports Drinks and Enhanced Waters

Application > Beverages

Dry Beverages

  • Coffee
  • Tea

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Aluminum for Capsules Product Details

Customer Benefits

  • Versatility: Formability allows to create a wide variety of sizes and shapes, Excellent Seal Properties: Full tightness of the packaging through high seal integrity, Brand Positioning: Strong product brand recognition for a premium look

End Consumer Benefits

  • Convenience – Easy and fast preparation of the beverage, Product Freshness – High barrier properties for product freshness and full aroma preservation, Product Dosing – The coffee capsule provides perfect dosing


  • Supplied in reels to customer’s exclusive design
  • Sustainability: recycling ready solution for coffee capsules
  • Excellent formability on multiple stamping technologies
  • Full compliance with the international regulation


  • Heatseal Lacquer
  • Aluminium
  • Over Lacquer

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