Zerobox Purifier With Photocatalytic Technology

A ventilation box that does not emit noise thanks to the 5 cm acoustic insulation with which its panels are made.

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Details and Key Features

The Zerobox purifier with photocatalytic technology is equipped with fans with a disinfectant action thanks to the application of Kleenfan technology, which acts in a similar way as nature, carrying out an oxidation process based on photosynthesis. The UV-A rays emitted by an LED lamp hidden in the system act on the titanium dioxide in the turbine and inactivate the pathogens from the air that come into contact with it.

Effective to keep a high indoor air quality in returning the air free of volatile organic compounds, bacteria, viruses and bad odours to the room.

  • Kleenfan technology with photocatalytic disinfectant action fans.
  • Photocatalysis starts from the natural principle of decontamination of nature itself. It
    is a natural phenomenon that, mimicking photosynthesis, accelerates a photoreaction through the action of light on a catalyst.
  • UV-A rays, from the long-life LED, act on the titanium dioxide in the turbine generating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that cause advanced oxidation processes (AOP), deactivating a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses and bacteria).
  • This catalytic reaction produces oxidation reactions in organic compounds and reduction in inorganic ones, in addition to significantly reducing suspended particles.
  • Mineralizes most of the pollutants present in urban areas produced by vehicles and industry (NOx, SOx, COx, formaldehyde, VOCs, etc.).
  • Ventilation unit with 50 mm thick of sound insulation.
  • Double-inlet EC centrifugal fan driven by an external rotor motor of low consumption protected through thermal contact 0-100% variable speed.
  • Connection box IP54 incorporated.
  • Wide service door.
  • Circular connections to 250mm diameter standard ducts. Datasheet download>

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