High Efficiency Kleenbox Air Purifier Vertical Unit With HEPA Absolute Filtration

Ventilation box with disinfectant and air purifying action thanks to the three filtering stages: a flat pre-filter with a broken surface, a compact F7 filter and finally an absolute H14 filter. Designed for vertical installation and easy to move thanks to its wheels.

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Details and Key Features

It removes purified air free of volatile organic compounds, pollen, dust, bacteria… And on request, it can be configured with activated carbon filters that also eliminate gases and bad smells.

  • High efficiency air filtration and purification unit with three filtration stages:
    • G4 (ZLM) pre-filter according to EN779 standard
    • F7 intermediate filter according to EN779 standard
    • H14 absolute filter with 99.995% efficiency according to EN1822 standard and
      sealed with polyurethane for 100% air filtration.
  • The continuous recirculation of the indoor air through the three filtration stages guarantees the purification of the air by eliminating particles and pollutants such as: dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses and fine particles PM10, PM2.5 and PM1. Upon request, it can incorporate an activated carbon filter to eliminate gases and odours.
  • Structure with soundproofed aluminum profile with galvanized steel sandwich panels with 25mm of fiberglass acoustic insulation and sound attenuator at the fan inlet that absorbs 55% of the noise according to EN12086 standard. Easy access service panel for filter replacement. In option, painted in RAL 9016.
  • Backward blade fan with high efficiency and very low consumption external rotor EC motor, electronically adjustable 0-100% via 0-10V.
  • ON / OFF switch, potentiometer for gradual stepless regulation of the air flow 0-100% and visual indicator for dirty filter alarm by differential pressure switch integrated in the equipment.
  • 2 meter Plug & Play power cable.
  • Plug & Play vertical unit with robust steel and silicone wheels with brake for easy movement and holding. Datasheet link>

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